the “KNOT” syndrome

??? The “knot” syndrome? yes.. or RATHER

the “not” syndrome…

I call it the “KNOT” syndrome.. because it ties people up in knots.. it strains conversations and cuts off circulation in friendships like a knot.. it is.. the KNOT syndrome…

NOT me…

NOT my family…

NOT my child…

you have all experienced it on SOME level, I feel fairly confident.. It’s one thing on a playground…When a mother can’t really grasp that her child is a sinner… JUST like yours.. and you aren’t lying, or making things up, or OUT to make her look bad, when you gently bring it to her attention that her sweet 2 year old is throwing rocks… or mulch or what EVER at your little one..  and that it needs to stop… because now yours has a egg sized bruise rising from a spot on the back of their head… and you’d HATE to think what that might do to the mouth, or eye or who KNOWS.. besides, you need to GO, and get ICE now.. and she’s still standing there telling you..

NO.. not MY child.. you MUST be mistaken.. MY little darling would NEVER….


Perhaps you are a teacher and you’ve had to talk to a parent about a teasing issue.. a bully issue??? lets face it.. we all appreciate but are fall OVER shocked by the RARE parent that says..

YEP.. that is EXACTLY where junior is at right now… I am SO sorry.. I am working with him on this issue.. I am praying for him, and I know he will have victory over this throwing issue.. or this insecurity issue.. I take responcibility for this.. What can I do to MAKE THIS RIGHT??? do you have suggestions???

It’s a rare parent that KNOWS their child… will defend their child.. but at the same time.. be HONEST about where they are at..

LET us all face facts.. WE all.. our blessings included .. ALL of us.. are works in progress 🙂

But it can be a mode we can get into.. the “not” us syndrome…

and worse than behavior issues.. is when it comes to matters of health…

As Lymies, who deal with MCS, CFS, FM  and oooooodles of co-infections, allergies and bla bla blah…. 🙂  We have some knowledge in some areas.. we are NOT all knowing.. but.. we have been blessed to obtain some information.. some wisdom…

it is PAINFUL to deal with folks who clearly need to be tested.. who are going into financial ruin, whose health is fleeting from them… and hear them say.. NOT me… NOT my child.. no.. not OUR family..

and then.. the looks come.. this is the PULL upon the knot.. it’s what cuts off that circulation.. the…. ACCUSATION…

YOU.. just because YOU have LYME doesn’t mean EVERYONE has it..

or funner still..

YOU see lyme everywhere.. like demons hiding under EVERY bush or something… WE DON’T have that… MY doctor would know (always this comes after much complaining about how their doctor has NO clue about what might ail them… )

Machine Man pointed out the other day.. that sharing about lyme… is nearly as hard as sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ..

and amongst lymies.. it is JUST as difficult to talk about “natural” treatment options..

People DIG in their heels.. and decide.. that ALL roads lead to Rome.. and yet talk out of both sides of their mouths… because in the same breath.. they tell us how they are parishing…

and they are..

if it’s a diagnoses that you need…  if your medical situation is off, and remedies not getting anywhere.. a simple IGENEX test and a talk with a LLMD can go a LONG long way..

if it is Salvation that you need… Jesus… loves YOU… if you want to know about THAT, try this test

and I am sorry that talking about it.. might tighten that knot.. but the tie was already there. the conversation just pulls on the end… showing … revealing the KNOT for what it really is.. something binding you up…

get freed… knowledge is power!!!!!  I want to see you FREE, free from LYME, free from all that binds you…

you CAN have Victory.. it’s been WON for you 🙂

perhaps just taking a moment to SEE things. as they really are.. LOOK at self in the mirror.. LOOK at your family, LOOK at your child, your situation.. and try to step OUT of the moment.. to SEE it as it IS..

is the person sharing with you speaking in LOVE, with GRACE and COMPASSION….in genuine concern for YOUR situation?  Might they see something, that is perhaps in your blindspot?

or rather, do they just seem bent on their own mission..

perhaps not putting up the hand too quickly, and hearing their words out, MIGHT be a blessing to you.. take it to the Lord in prayer.. think on it, really ponder it.. it can be very hard for someone to bring something they see… to you at all.. it can be such a challenge for them.. Perhaps it would be wise to take the time to learn more about what ever it is they have knowledge about… to not presume that you “already know that”…

When I first heard about “being saved” and all THAT jazz.. i totally put up my hand.. it was YEARS later… that I figured maybe.. i ought to READ that book… you know.. that BIBLE thing.. and I read ooooodles of commentaries, and theologians, and studied it through and through…  Jesus, the Bible, being “saved” suddenly meant something totally different to me.. it all made sense, it was like a LIGHT was put on in a dark room, and … silly ME hadn’t even realized the LIGHT was off… it was rather shocking!

When I heard first about lyme disease… I totally PUT up my hand… WHY… when i already learned my lesson about NOT being a “knot” person.. because….. I am slow to learn.. and a WORK IN PROGRESS… (giggling) I thought I knew about lyme.. don’t you get that from a tick.. isn’t it cured in like.. hmmm two weeks.. it’s like.. NO BIG DEAL!

that can be a REAL stumbling block in MANY areas.. People THINKING they know.. all about “it” already…  what ever “it” is for them.. for you.. for me.

Billy Graham once said something about the problem with evangelizing being most people in the West having been innoculated to Jesus.. they got JUST enough of Him… like a vaccine.. to THINK they’d got the real deal… when in reality.. they just got vaccinated FROM HIM…

rather like reading an abridged book.. ya really DO miss the whole story.. but FEEL like you read the book…

it was after I heard about lyme disease a second time.. that I figured I had better investigate.

and what I did I learn, about what I had thought I knew about it?

Well, that I pretty much knew nothing..AT ALL, about it… SHOCKING… YES … WHAT I did know.. well, that yes.. it has something to do with ticks 🙂  giggle

all that to say.. let’s try.. to not be KNOT people..we can BE like that in so many different areas of life.. cast it off friends.. BE freed!!!!!!!!!!!! and let us reason together..

with truth, grace, love and compassion in true brotherhood…


YOU are loved!

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