Basil Basil… how I love you…

King… that is what Basil means… it is rather the KING of the herbs isn’t it… it tastes so good with … well.. everything… in France it is often referred to as “l’herbe royale” … doesn’t that just sound appropriate?

It’s in the mint family…. though, I would like it noted, that i wish it grew as well as all that mint that has taken over my yard… (giggling)

Did you know that Basil does more for you than JUST taste absolutely amazing???

Once upon a time there were some who thought it a sort of love potion… a charm herb…. giggling yet?  me to.. though eating it ALWAYS puts ME in a good mood.. so.. who knows?

It is actually a helper in that “digestion” thing… YES.. it aids you in digesting foods.. and may even help “counter act poisons” according to some research I looked at.. though… I won’t take any poison to see just HOW much it counteracts.. thanks!  I think I will just trust how wonderfully I FEEL eating it with my meals.. perhaps BASIL is the reason I enjoy eating in the spring and summer SO much… I consume Basil, nearly every day!  It would seem it’s that amazing flavor that releases (WAKES UP) you salivary glands and gets you MORE saliva while consuming it.. and chewing it.. and as we all know.. or ought to know.. chewing, is the first step in digestion.. and it all starts there, with that saliva.. it starts breaking things down right then and there in your mouth… So listen to grandma, and CHEW YOUR FOOD SLOWLY!!!!!

Basil can help you if you feel… ummm.. how do I say this delicately… (pssst.. GAS – E).. you know.. ?? Flatulence is often thwarted by this wonder herb!  even the upset grab a leaf and nibble!

Basil can also chill-ax you .. putting you in that “good mood” and hence it is known for aiding in sleep.. Perhaps this is why I loved France.. the wine, the Basil.. so much of what we consumed aided in digestion, put us in good moods, healed our bodies and helped us to rest… hmmm the more I learn, the more I realize the TRUE culture shock of returning to the Midwest 🙂

It is also important to note, that basil.. LIKE it’s good companion garlic, are SUPER helpful when you have a stuffy nose.. clears things up, TRY it!

I am thrilled and amazed at all the wonderful things God has provided for us in His Creation.. Nature… to aid us in healing what ails us.. He truly IS a Promise Keeper… never leaving us, or forsaking us.. but a real provider!  Love love love learning about the healing properties of herbs and foods..  🙂

Yesterday we prepared many pots with great blending of “different muds” as Buddy would like to say.. that we may grow our herbs out doors… 🙂  I am very excited… we plant the seeds this week!  We are late in planting.. but.. I don’t care because (drum roll here…)  I bought some beautiful Basil & rosemary in these little pots for inside on my window sill!  so until my little garden grows.. I am content…  I may transplant. but non the less. I am content! 🙂

What about YOU??? planting anything wonderful today?  Do share!  I love your wonderful comments!

I hope to post some delightful Basil recipes soon..   Please feel free to share YOURS too….

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