R. E. S. T.

JUST back from a LONG day… at a hospital.. fun fun.. (sarcasm to be noted…)  Really everyone there was lovely.. Baby (aka Little Man) is having some issues, and needed further  “testing” to have things… properly and officially evaluated…

THANKFULLY… he wasn’t like my car.. you know.. when it makes “THAT” noise for you, but refuses to for the actual mechanic.. leaving you looking like you’re there for a date…??? can we all say … awkward moments in life?

yeah.. Baby performed his usual way, nothing exceptional.. and all is “official” now.. blah blah blah.. sooo not ready to get into all THAT on the World Wide Web.. sorry dear readers..

and besides… THAT isn’t the point OF this post… the point is R.E.S.T.  🙂

See, yesterday.. was another long day … at a different hospital.. for a different patient.. That would be.. Machine Man.. yes.. he’s still having some issues and had a little endoscopy to see Waz’up 🙂

Blah Blah Blah.. but this is NOT about him either.. it is about R. E. S. T..

and when your body FEELS like it needs it.. see… My thyroid is doing GOOFY things.. normal range 0.5-5 … mine was … (dare I even share??? ok ok.. ) Mine was 67…. YES! I know!  that is OUTRAGEOUS and CRAZY.. I need to get the results faxed to Dr. Z.. but again.. Blah Blah Blah…. that is NOT the point of this post…

the point is R. E. S. T…. and the fact I feel a bit.. pooped out.. tired, tuckered if you will… and I need some

R. – relax ( to chill OUT, think NOT, be calm, still, and thoughtful, thinking less… about everything)

E. – eat ( to dine ,to eat, consume wonderful everything.. dark chocolate, good coffee, fresh herbs and true foods.. perhaps a glass of French Wine even…)

S. – Sit. (to  NOT stand.. to lounge in a semi upright position.. not flat but seated.. preferably with FEET up)

T. – Talk (to chit chat.. either about what is heavy on my heart.. or about NOTHING important at all.. but to linger in delightful thoughtful conversation with people who care)

REST… have you had any lately.. I am looking for some, and am working on getting some.. that.. and some sleep.. 🙂

u r loved!


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