Here you shall find articles on food, as well as recipes and things we are trying out!  So if you are interested in the odd but wonderful, check back HERE soon!  Princess shall be a HUGE co-author on this page 🙂  for all you fans of hers!

We have learned that one essential thing for us all to PULL from our diets is Gluten.  We have gone Wheat free/Gluten free as a Family 🙂

Baby is Casein free/Soy free … discovered his allergies by the time he was 7 weeks *** update Baby is now 15 months.. and is Gluten Free, Casein Free, Soy Free, Blueberry Free (yes I KNOW! sooo sad.. Buddy is too 😦 bummer!) He does NOT tolerate Corn AT ALL… it sort of goes in ok, but comes OUT exactly the same way, and messes up every thing in it’s path.. he’s sensitive to peaches (can only tolerate in moderation and only FRESH or FROZEN organic IF you please) because he is showing signs of following Buddy in the ALLERGY path, but being FAR more exciting YET about it (and WHO knew Buddy could be out done???) we are choosing to avoid all major food allergins till he is at least 2 years old… the longer it is out of his system.. the better chance is compromised immune system has of repairing itself on all the good stuff we ARE feeding him…

He loves organic meats of all kinds, organic veggies, (peas, carrots, radishs, potato, sweet potato, green beans, pickles, saurkraut, cabbage, pea pods, asparagus, rutabega and oooodles of other glories) he also enjoys organic fruit… (pineapple, apple, pears, razzberry, banana, blackberry, rhubarb, currant,just to name a few)  Basically.. he’s a SUPER eater.. he LOVES food… a WHOLE lot..

for butter we use ghee sometimes, but mostly we use Earth’s Balace CF/GF/SF the red lable 🙂

He can eat Princess’s homemade bread fine, she uses yolk free egg stuff from Costco.. because of Buddy’s YOLK issues… and so far Baby’s never had an issue… he LOVES her bread with some of the Earths Balance on it.. or better STILL some JAM… he LOVES jam… oh MY, currant jam, rhubarb jam, blackberry jam, gooseberry jam.. BABY loves Jam!

Buddy’s allergies are numerous.. Right now we are really focusing on pulling coconut, egg yolk, nectarines, peanuts, HFCS, any dyes, grapes, milk, and soy from his diet, on top of being gluten free.  There are various other things, that are less essential, things he’s sensitive to, but can moderate in rotation.  Like Beef, Chicken, Turkey, HA!  We have to rotate these, and make sure they are HEALTHY meats…He seems to do better on farm raised, grass fed, free range organic… EXPENSIVE.. he can not tolerate certain things, and I think perhaps it’s just because he is SO sensitive.  Much of the beef today is cleaned with amonia, which we are ALL sensitive to, which is perhaps why we find ourselves barely able to eat a 1lb package as a family… lets face it, there is 5 of us eating!  that is pretty funny… We just can’t get much down… we seem very sensitive to things…  They also often “glue” meats together.. and as Buddy is allergic to so MANY glue’s. I have no way of knowing if he’s allergic to these “glues” as well…

Princess is Soy free, struggles with many dairy products, though not all, we wonder if it is the process… BUT as time progresses.. her Dairy issues seem to be getting worse…She is Gluten free, and is still figuring out what foods trouble her… She is the only one of us tolerating pork well right now…

C.S. is sensitive to all the meats, gluten and probably a LOT of other things, (we wonder about casein…. )but he is so finicky it is hard to discover… We know that any soda, has a harsh effect on him, so he splurges on this ONLY on rare occasions… when he feels it’s really WORTH it…such is life with a teen who has lyme

The man and I are adjusting to gluten free.  I can NOT tolerate certain oils… I don’t know what they all are, certain fast food places use them.. like one with a capital M…. they switched oils and I’ve never been able to go back.  None of us can not tolerate MSG.  I can not tolerate pork or many shell fish, though shrimp and lobster were always my favorite!  and I adored a good crabcake… for now, I can not handle certain foods, certain oils and am still figuring it out.

**update.. recently we have been able to tolerate SOME pork again.. and we are thrilled.. we feel that in moderation, we are seeing NO strange side effects… or ill effects… perhaps we are healing enough to handle it!

I love to cook.. I love to bake, and so does the Princess!   I don’t see these diets, or I should say, I try to NOT see these diets as a list of “thou shalt not’s”… but rather as an opportunity to BE creative, to try things we would NEVER have tried before.. and being adventurous, we hope to share some of that with you..

Also being practical… we hope to share some of those simple easy short-cut sort of recipes that we come up with, or come across along the way.. favorite brand names that we’ve tried and THAT sort of thing..

I know that when we first began to go gluten free, we would have loved to have someone share their FAVORITE breads to buy from the freezer, or their favorite brand for pizza dough, and that sort of thing… and we will definately put our 2cents in on those sorts of things HERE 🙂

so be sure to PEEK back!


Ok SUPER simple and easy to make as a variable meal!  By VARIable I mean… options! People in this family like options.. some have casein issues, some can only tolerate SOME small amounts of dairy, others LOVE love love tomatoes, whist others LOATHE tomatoes… some of us think green onions are simply a delight, yet the youngest of us find them ICKY… so…

here is a fun, VARIABLE meal… (sorry no pictures)!

Optional NACHOS!

Refried Beans

Opt,(browned ground beed seasoned with tumeric, cumin, garlic sea salt & fresh pepper)

White Cheddar Cheese (optional- variable Daiya (non dairy) or/and Goat Cheddar)

green onions chopped fine


Olives (optional)

avocado (optional)

sour cream (optional – and or plain yogurt )

salsa (optional- be sure to be gluten free)

gluten free tortilla chips – (we get gf  non gmo from trader joes)

1 clove garlic (optional) crushed

chopped lettuce (optional)

Cream Cheese  (optional)

Cook up 2-3 cans of beans over simmer nice and long, with that 1 (optional clove garlic).  Have meat browned and seasoned, another option is cooking with onion..  Layer a good sized dish with cream cheese then beef, beans & cheese and bake … put toppings on the table…

When this DOES NOT work.. is if you have casein issues.. then.. make seperate dishes.. or omit cream cheese all together.. it is still SUPER yummy… We make one big dish, and then a smaller dish for our NON dairy folks.. and that works great.. then we put out all the toppings, tomato, green onion, avocado, lettuce, olives, salsa, sour cream, even hot sauce (for ME)!

Then each person gets a bowl or small plate and we dish out the mess, and it’s a bit like NACHO’s!!! With YOUR favorite toppings!  Everyone eats with just the chips.. no better fun than that.. gluten free and totally adaptable to anyones needs.. some times if someones liver is bothering them (which HAPPENS when you are on ooooodles of antibiotics) we will either NOT have any beef, or we will serve the beef hot, but seperate from the main dip, as an additional topping in a bowl.  It really is a Meal of Variations.. but FUN for the whole family!  sort of like tacos but MEANT to be messy! 🙂  Bon Appetite!

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    Buddy would fit in perfect with David and I!

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