Meds & all that Jazz

This is where I plan to post our meds and supplements and all those wonderful things we are doing to heal.  So if you are interested in all that sort of thing, check back here often!

MEDS we are taking …. right now..
Zhang protocol has us on the following

Machine Man, SweetNika, C.S., Princess & Buddy – BREAKFAST time – Allicin (2), AI#1 (1), Circulation P(1), Artemesia (1)
Machine man, SweetNika, C.S., & Princess – LUNCH time Allicin (2), AI#1 (1), Circulation P(1), Artemesia (1)
Machine Man, SweetNika, C.S., Princess & Buddy – DINNER time – Allicin (2), AI#1 (1), Circulation P(1), Artemesia (1)
The only extras we are doing are Heather’s Tummy Fiber, Probiotics, Epson Salt Baths, Ionic Foot baths as needed… we are working hard to adjust our diet to fall more in line with Nourishing Traditions and The Weston Price Foundation. We are all Gluten Free. Some of us are dairy free, and/or Casein free.. the other food sensitivities range, and we do our very best to avoid any of the food that a person struggles with. We eat as much WHOLE foods as possible, limiting “packaged” or “processed foods”. We do however enjoy eating out occasionally with Opa, or Nana & Grandpa when they offer, and see little harm in these “splurges” … For moments like this I have Gluten Pills by Garden of LIFE.. JUST in case 🙂

Thats all for now… we’ve been doing this since January, it is now March….it has been about 6-7 weeks


C.S., The Man (aka Papa) and I are all on 3000mg a day

While Princess  & Buddy are on the liquid kind… Princess gets more than Buddy 🙂


The Man & I both have 500 mg daily

C.S. gets 250 mg daily

Princess & Buddy are liquid suspension.. again she gets more than him…

Artemisia Annua

C.S.      15 drops in H2O

Princess     10 drops in H2O

Buddy     5 drops in H2O

The Man & I each take a capsule

These ARE taken 3 x daily for 10 days… to attack the Babesia..

Artemesia is a natural Antibiotic… we are taking it under the supervision of our doctor and not just winging it 🙂

Vitamin D

50,000 IU’s  1 x weekly

everyone but Buddy does this.

Three of us take Nystatin 3 x daily, and I also takeFluconazol 1 x every 3rd day, to help with Candida… We have so dramatically altered our diets already, our doctor feels, and we honestly agree, to alter it further at this point for the sake of starving the Candida wouldn’t really be fruitful.. we need to KILL it off.. We are choosing to change, but not as harshly as I have done in the past… we don’t need to stress out our immune systems more than they are… slow and steady wins the race! 

Transfer Factor  ok, so we aren’t on this yet.. we just DON’t have the money… saving… selling things… desperate, because we NEED this to heal… praying and trusting the Lord to show us HOW we will get this medicine in the hands of our children..  will you join us in prayer???


We also take variety of supplements to detox, or build up our systems during this time. I have to say, that as bad as we feel, we are still feeling pretty good, compared to some we know, still functioning pretty good compared to some of our pals with Lyme Disease… and I believe it is in part to How the Lord has led us in regards to detoxing and immune system support…

We all take Probiotics, Ioderal, Vitamin C (in HUGE amounts), Cats Claw (TOS free), and a good Multi Vitamin… Researching what is “good” is a whole other post…

I also make what we call Maca shakes….

Here is the recipe!

8oz Milk (any milk, cow, raw, almond, hemp, coconut… any :)!

1 t -1 T Maca  (1 t for a child 1 T adult) 

1/4 t cacoa powder (organic unsweetened)

1 t Heather’s tummy fiber

3-8 drops Vanilla Stevia

Then we put it al in the Blender, and blend till smooooooth!

sooo yummy!  We use this drink to suck down all our supplements & vitamins 🙂  because we can not have our probiotics anywhere near when we have our 3x daily antibiotic; Maca time has become rather a treat! 🙂

I think if I add some Ice it will REALLY be a fun summer smoothie!


I also take medicine for My migraines and I take meds for my hashimoto’s disease.  Because Armour thyroid medicine became difficult to get last summer, I now have my medicine made by a compounding pharmacist. 

We also try to take Fish Oil….though I am not yet sold on any ONE brand..

That is about all I can think of for now…  

2 Responses to Meds & all that Jazz

  1. Tiney Lymey says:

    Thank you for your work and honesty. I have to admit my eyesight/cognition ‘just ain’t what it used to be’, so, I am only able to skim through your blog.
    But, wow, So informative, insightful, honest and brave.
    The clarification about ‘good days’, I wish I could wear it on a tshirt!
    Also, your list of meds, thanks, I am doing the Cowden Protocol, which seems similar.

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