Oh my… where does one even begin? we are so grieving for the people of Japan.. our little home in suburbia is rocked to its core, stirred beyond words at the images we see before us on the internet…
Our God is a MIGHTY God.. His wrath.. is frightening.. His mercies.. amazing.. I am NOT implying.. His wrath was against the people of Japan… I only mean.. He holds the seas in His hands.. He holds US each in HIS hands.. and what I witnessed here, in the comfort
the safety of my home
showed me.. that HE is an all POWERFUL God..
worthy of praise, worthy of worship….
worthy of fear… my goodness…
The FALL of mankind… when it says that “all creation groaned”…. what I see… compels me to believe…
It made me think on the deluge of Noah’s time.. how frightening THAT event in history must have been..
We’ve been suffering here.. (nothing in comparison to our friends in Japan) but suffering with some “plague”… some illness… that has gripped us for some weeks..
we contacted our Dr. Z and he sent some wonderful things.. had them “overnighted” to help relieve and heal us… and THAT they have..
In addition to our daily regimen.. we added 2 pills of Blue Dragon 3 times a day (except for Buddy who took it 2 x daily) and Baby who took none… total 10 days.. we are still on this.. we started Saturday 🙂
Then by nebulizer we took 5cc of liquid Allicin with some watermelon frost… we did this 2 x day for 2 days then 1 x for 1 day we are all done with this treatment.. everyone did 15 minutes.. but Baby who did 5 minutes… he did not like it.. but we cuddled and he calmed if I sang to him
This has been simply amazing.. We had seemed to only be getting worse.. and now.. we seem to be getting better! Much much better.. Though I do seem to be herxing a bit from the additional amounts of allicin in my system..

Plagues.. and floods… economic strains… rioting in the streets, both here and abroad… strange times we are living in.. strange in deed…
and in the midst.. I am so glad.. that I know my God, that He knows me.. that I can Trust Him, even if the world is out of kilter, and things, awful things like Tsunami’s happen.. because in the midst of it… He saves… oh my.. have you heard the many stories of those He has saved… beautiful stories..

It’s clearing my sinus cavities to see them all on youtube.. I cry nearly every day.. stories of families re-united.. babies being found.. dogs being faithful…. crazy stories.. a man being found atop his floating house two miles out to sea… Yes our God is a good and gracious God.

if this post seems scatty.. forgive me.. I am a bit scatty.. my mind is coming out of a fog of illness .. i hope you catch my heart.. forgive the messy way I have written.. and know…that we too, like you are praying for the people.. thinking of them with each meal we eat.. thankful that we have clean food… that we have water.. clean clothing, a home to sleep in.. blankets to keep warm in… oh my… we are so blessed.. how can we even in our stressed circumstances.. how might we be a blessing to them..
let us pray.. for I know our Lord will show us a way 🙂
you are loved!!!!!!

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Putting things.. IN ORDER

So.. as previously mentioned.. Machine Man took a new JOB.. a NEW POST..
with the EXTRA time he has at home, we are attempting to PUT things in order…
when you work oooodles of hours.. and spend all your spare time …let’s rephrase that.. and have NO spare time to speak of,
but are raising 4 lovely blessings
all who have wonderful and unique needs..
physically, health wise, and intellectually.. (they talk their little faces off at all they learn at school… o MY!)
when you come home exhausted, and eat and fall asleep
only to do it all again & again and again
with mounting visits to LLMD’s and fancy specialists in this and that
and therapists for this and that…
and bills for all of THAT
and a house that you own, and has THIS and THAT that needs repairing
and a car or two that needs repairing,
things can get…
BUSY… things CAN become.. messy.. misplaced.. out of ORDER..
out of ORDER by definition in our home being… not in their customary WAY of being..
so now.. that he’s home.. a wee bit more..
we are trying to PUT things back IN ORDER
like organizing those medical bills…
sorting… who we owe… and who just didn’t bill correctly
who needs to ACTUALLY resubmit to our insurance
Calling all these people and figuring out WHO is owed WHAT
can look different that the WHAT they SAY that YOU owe them…
JUST ask your insurance people.. JUST take a second to look at your Insurance claim
The Bible says that the borrower is a SLAVE to the Lender..
and we FEEEEEEEL very much ….
like slaves..
and it sucks!
that said…We want to be FREE!
FREE from this captivity!
to help us in our wee little financial crisis.. ;
we are way pumped about getting out of this “medical debt”….
Dave is SUPER helpful, and very wise about finances.. we hope to pay EACH and every lab, doctor, radiologist, hospital, blah, blah blah & blah back as SOOOOON as possible! and in an orderly fashion too… We are doing everything we can think of… From picking up pennies we see on the street and collecting them, to prepping to have a garage sale as SOON as the weather is warm..
IF I WAS super cool.. I would have figured out EBAY by now..
c’est la vie… I am still not that cool..
perhaps… some day!
Meanwhile we are taking steps.. each day, to sort, organize, call, follow up with, save, send,
PRAY, PRAY and PRAY some more and
are in general
working towards putting things IN order..
it isn’t going to happen in a day..
we didn’t get here overnight
and unfortunately we still have more medical needs…
But God IS faithful.. and HE is seeing us through this all…
what about you??
Have things in your world gotten.. dare i say it.. a bit.. messy.. disheveled? out of .. order?
what proactive steps are YOU taking THIS season of YOUR life to RECLAIM it… to PUT Right that which is gone wrong..?
what are YOU going to do to put things back…
in order?

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My kids are doing a BIG project for their HOMESCHOOL project fair… and my son C.S. was snooping around HERE on our family blog.. when he pointed out how BAD I have been at updating some of our pages.. particularly the MEDS page.. ooooops…
when i looked at it.. all i could say was YOWZA!!!
soooo I have taken some time to UPDATE and you can feel free to snoop now 🙂 ~ phew.. all better

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breaking Barriers

it’s a BIG deal to break a barrier.. especially a barrier that most tell you CAN NOT be broken..
because you don’t weigh enough.. because you are too young…
my daughter.. the Princess.. is only 12, she’s a real peanut, and too young for the strong antibiotics needed to cross the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB)… and there fore…
she could not have THAT which she most needs.. as a patient who suffers from neurolyme disease…
So switching to Dr. Zhangs protocol is a HUGE leap of faith, and a HUGE thrill…
HIS herbs can break the BBB… they are designed to do JUST that..
they are safe even for someone as young as the Princess..
even as young as Buddy… who takes a lower dose..
its WORKING people…
we are seeing ACTUAL results for the first time..
that eye stuff..
we sent the results from the opthalmologist to Dr. Z… and we had a great and lengthy discussion..
conclusion.. Most likely she is herxing…
herxing in her brain PEOPLE (my terms not his.. he uses fancy dr terms… )
IT’s made it’s way to her brain ALREADY… killing the LYME there already…

have we noticed any other signs of improvement besides
visual disturbances
hearing disturbances
(none of which are encouraging you???)
she is remembering ooodles of things
past things
and recent things..
she can memorize things
sing whole hymns without even picking up a hymnal…
recite Exodus 20:1-17
recite Psalm 1
can tell me everything back that she has read, or that is read to her, (we read a LOT)…
Movie nights … she can remember the beginning of the movie, when it ends….
While she is still struggling with some other issues.. everything is beginning to IMPROVE!!!!!!
and so rapidly…
it’s .. well.. thrilling
we are PRAISING the Lord…
for leading us in this way,
for the many people who encouraged us to follow the prompting of our hearts to go Natural, and follow the way we felt our prayers were leading rather than what logic dictated…
We are so thankful that the Lord led us in this way…
yes it’s only one small victory..
and it may look very very odd..
it’s a barrier…
and we… are at WAR…
it isn’t supposed to be PRETTY…
we are thrilled to get word in from the commander..
that what seemed a huge error, and explosion of some sort…
was! it was OUR side, blowing something up…
and gaining ground…

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different cultures..

I don’t mean your from France, I am from the USA… my oh my what different cultures we have… I don’t EVEN mean that She’s from Dakar, and I am from Germany, WOW what a culture splash THAT makes… no no no

I mean cultured foods.. fermented.. cultured.. YUM!!!
It is almost MARCH (tomorrow.. tomorrow!) and I am looking at seed catalogs, and… thinking Yogurt, Kefir, Saurkraut..
HOW they are connected???
I don’t know.. somehow the ONE got me thinking of the other.. and I haven’t really figured out HOW.. so just go with me on this 🙂

BUT Food Renegade has a “Giveaway!” and you and I can enter to WIN some wonderful starter sets!!! so exciting 🙂 Check out the LINK to see how you can win!!!!!

I found a neat web site!!!!!!!! I want to share it with YOU!! it is called CULTURES FOR HEALTH
It got me all excited..
now .. I REALLY want to sell this house.. I want to PLANT a garden!!!! I want to plant seeds in my starter sets… heirloom GMO free wonderful veggies, herbs, and even some flowers… ooooh!!!!I want to have a busy kitchen.. busy making YOGURT, KEFIR, Kombucha, and.. sauerkraut… oi vey..

keeping counters DE cluttered and clean is hard enough.. but in the spring.. TORTURE!!!

Dear Lord, SELL this home !!! 🙂 HEAL our bodies, and bless me with contentment in the process, even when my body clock SCREAMS “it’s almost SPRING!” XOXOXOX to YOU! amen

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House hunting …. oi VEY!

Dream homes.. What is YOURS? I love homes with wrap around porches.. LOVE homes with sunrooms (four season preferrably)… but have learned a few things that I NEED to have to .. (ok.. NEED is a stretch.. heat, housing toilets, clean water.. are NEEDS .. but.. beyond that!) I would really really really LOVE to have an actual LAUNDRY ROOM.. not some makeshift spot in the hall, Hidden behind closet doors.. no.. a ROOM for LAUNDRY.. 🙂 (such a brat I am! but there are 6 of us.. and laundry IS the thorn in MY flesh)
I also NEED an entry way.. LET the people IN! I want a bit of space for folks to enter. Perhaps a spot for folks to sit on a cute bench and take a load off, take their shoes off… 🙂 (dreaming here)
I also FEEL like I may need.. dare I share? A MUDROOM.. oh MY 3 boys and a horse crazy girl leaves me with a need to strip them down for tick checks, and hose them and their muck off!!!!! A place for muddy boots and raincoats!
I would also really enjoy having a REAL fireplace, one that works… REALLY works.. a BIG one, that I could cook in if we absolutely HAD to… (crazy dreaming NOW!) also a wood burning stove.. or place to PUT one..
Four bedrooms or more please! (3 is ok, if they are BIG enough for the Boys to have their beds and dressors in) …
and a good kitchen… I’ll take a bad one, IF the house is cheap enough to redo it..
I have to tell you.. those are my dreams.. my wistful, wish I could have some day dreams.. but more than ANY of that.. I want a CLEAN SAFE home…
I don’t mean that I am unwilling to paint, or fix up.. by CLEAN I don’t mean it needs to be spotless… I mean enviromentally CLEAN…

Have you heard of MCS??? I know I have mentioned it before.. It stands for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. I happen to suffer from it.. Buddy happens to suffer from it. Princess suffers from it. It is rather icky.

It IS for us at least, a direct result from our immune system being taxed from Lyme disease. Lyme, Babesia, Bartonella, HHV6, yada yada YADA, and all THAT jazz.. Thank you Hashimoto’s, Epstein Barr Virus, and the countless other red flags that are often considered NO big DEAL to the general public, or to most MD’s.

IT all ends up BEING a big deal though.. when you have ALL those little things (gee ARE they even little.. there is some arguement about that.. but we won’t go there .. not in THIS post anywho.. ) it does certainly FEEL like a big deal… It changes the way you shop, what you wear, who you hug, where you go, where you shop, how you clean, HOW you live…
so is it a 911 sort of issue.. like needing your appendix out (thinking of MADELINE … just read it with Buddy)??? NO it isn’t.. it is a life altering THING-E…

With THAT said.. house hunting is stressful.. We are shopping BECAUSE of our issues, because of our financial situation, and BECAUSE we are now 6 people, and THEY keep growing, and taking up SOOoooo much space.. they just DO… not so much the STUFF.. but THEM.. We don’t have elbow room.. We need a “deal” but who doesn’t in THIS economy.. right? But “deals” today mean foreclosures & short sales…

and you can’t help but wonder.. WHY exactly is this house on the market.. HOW can I protect MY family from some hidden “black mold” issue.. or some crazy previous owner who sprayed for bugs all the time.. ??? How can i KNOW if this is a SAFE home for a family with some immune issues, struggling to HEAL…

How does one BEGING to shop in this way, when it is so different from the way we’ve shopped before..?? How do we start?
We’ve always been quick to see PAST problems, enjoying the “fix it up” situation… knowing we’d get the house at a great price, fix it up affordably and really GET what we like in the end… but THIS??? this is US trying to see inBETWEEN things…

What can we fix up and deal with, and WHAT is beyond our health situation, and (yes annoying) WHAT is just UNSAFE for us to even bother fixing up because of our health.. AND WILL we always KNOW???

can you just see what a JOY we must be to our Realtor??? (giggling)

here is a great article to read if YOU are looking for a starting place.. The site is terrific too.. CHECK it out!
Safe housing House hunters Checklist

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Ghee and ME :)


GHEE… and ME.. could it BE.. LOVE and lovely…
gorgeous and glorious GHEE… simpy golden and well.. wonderful!
in glass! not plastic 🙂
from grass fed cows 🙂 HAPPY cows.. as Buddy likes to say…
It is made from the HAPPY cows milk… and it is CASEIN free..

we can spread it on bread, we can saute with it, for it is very stable at high heats.. It is aromatic, and stores well on a shelf! I love love love ghee.. but CASEIN free??? PINCH ME!

casein is the creamy white milk protein that makes butter so lovely… THIS is removed to make GHEE.. or what those of us who went to Culinary Arts School would call “Clarified Butter”… It is heated at low, very low temperatures till the butter melts. Then the “white stuff” floating on top, is carefully skimmed off…. Then the clear, brilliant yellow is poured out… LEAVING milk proteins at the bottom… EVERYTHING about making GHEE (clarified butter) is careful, gentle, slow…. but NOT complicated at all…

Baby is allergic to casein… VERY allergic actually.. and Buddy is getting soooo sensitive to milk proteins that the ONLY way he seems to tolerate ANY dairy is if it is fermented.. LIKE yogurt, or kefir. So for these sweet little boys, getting enough healthy fats into them is VITAL.. It is important for their brain development, and I must learn as much as I can on HOW to help them get the fats they need…

We LOVE Coconut … Coconut milk, Coconut flakes, Coconut yogurt … LOVE.. but.. thanks to lyme wreaking havok in little Buddy’s body, he simply became “sensitive” to this too.. Dr. O. recommended we steer clear of EVERYTHING coconut for a few seasons, and let his body heal some more before attempting to re introduce it…

So… just giving some Coconut oil was no longer an option for him… Because Coconut is technically considered a “tree nut”, and Baby is sooo allergic to sooo many things, we dare NOT even try this JUST yet.. as certain things are TOP allergins.. and the longer one waits to introduce these to a child, the better chance of them NOT developing long term allergies…

That leaves ME hunting for healthy oils.. Now .. YES I could “make it myself”… i know.. I KNOW… I went to school.. I KNOW how.. but really people.. I have a LOT happening, and making Ghee, just isn’t going to work right now.. We need someone to BUY this home, so WE can settle into our new home.. WHEREVER the Lord will lead us to live.. and THEN, perhaps, once settled again, we can DIY the GHEE thing..

for NOW.. I am thrilled to share with YOU http://www.pureindianfoods.com/order.shtml sooo excited about this brand! I plan on buying a 6pack soon… I am thrilled this ghee is made in small batches, put in GLASS not plastic, made from happy grass fed cows, and made from NON homogenized milk… THAT is a big deal, as homogenization really stresses out Buddy’s little system…
everything about this brand thrills me to NO end, and it comes recommended HIGHLY from THIS websight http://www.healingnaturallybybee.com/resource/pureindian.php
Bee.. has a very helpful site, a wonderful resource, and I have often been blessed by her recipes.. So finding this gem on her site, thrilled me so much I decided I HAD to share it with you!

Here is MY recipe for stove top popcorn… 🙂

*sea salt
*popcorn kernels
*coconut oil

Heat slowly the ghee, and once liquified.. set aside
Heat coconut oil in stock pot (or other large pot)
Add popcorn kernals, cover and shake as needed so that the kernels do not stick but are evenly coated and constantly in motion… shake it baby SHAKE IT! Once it is all popped, drizzle the corn with GHEE, add sea salt, shake some more.. and do this in small amounts again and again, till it just tastes PERFECT!
Sea Salt works perfect, and GHEE works better than butter!!! no ‘greasy” popcorn, but PERFECTLY flavored… and wonderfully NATURAL…
It really does taste better than movie theatre popcorn.. with NO icky feeling in your tummy after, and NO aftertaste either.. just wholesome, and delicious! 🙂

The only time Buddy gets ANY coconut is when we make popcorn (which is not NEARLY enough.. i hear ALL the time)… and only after about 10 months off of coconut.. he no longer reacts at all to it.. and we shall continue to introduce it slowly in this way to SEE how he responds..
I hope learning about GHEE, and knowing that it is a wonderful fat, is a blessing to you.. please check out the link given so YOU can learn even MORE…
and I hope you make some popcorn, and ENJOY life… even if it is often lonely, or strange, or painful, or totally different than all you had hoped and dreamed…
Life is still.. BEAUTIFUL.. and YOU are loved!

praising God for His creativity in creation.. for healthful options for His fallen, and broken, and weary.. Truly the LORD is great, and greatly to be praised….

YEA for Ghee 🙂

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Machine Man… and CHANGE

Machine Man does NOT like CHANGE. He gets stressed if I THINK about painting a new color on the walls… Frets over talks of rearranging furniture, stresses over things that to me are exciting and fun! I love to paint, LOVE to decorate, and move my furniture about..

But I have learned my Man. I LOVE love LOVE my Machine Man.. Mr. Precision… is also, a bit sloppy about things.. like socks on the floor, or leaving his mug out… all those silly things that drive the MOM in me.. a bit crazy 🙂
Because I have learned my Man, and where he is a Precise Person, and where he is Mr. ReLAX, I have learned, like the Nike motto.. JUST DO IT…

I wait till I know, for total certain, that I want to paint a room.. I wait till I am certain of the color.. and THEN, if possible… i just DO it.. I buy the paint, get the supplies and DO it.. or Tell Machine Man what we are doing THAT particular Saturday 🙂
This approach works well.. see.. I think he doesn’t want to THINK about the change.. but once it is upon him, he fully embraces it. Early in our marriage I would ask, and wait, and ask, and then back off, and feel like a NAG, and avoid, and get annoyed.. and then NOT do what ever brilliant IDEA i had had… and feel like really IT was ALL his fault.. at some point it would come up, and HE would look so innocent.. and say.. IF it mattered THAT much to you… you get what I mean .. right?
so I learned..
IF it matters THAT much to me… I just DO it.. IF it’s ok with my budget.. IF it’s ok with my time schedule.. I make SURE & CERTAIN.. and then I proceed…

mind you .. I don’t go knocking walls down… (not yet anyways)

That said… Machine Man has been FRETTING.. pacing, stressed…
He left his place of employment after being there about 11 years!!!
and starts a NEW job MONDAY!!!!!!!

VERY exciting!

But he LOVED his old job. LOVED the people he worked with.. LOVED the work he did there.

so … yes.. you are wondering.. WHY would he leave a JOB he loved, work that challenged him, people who are REALLY terrific, if he HATES change???

* insurance is way way way better…. and Lyme Disease, along with all the other things IT has done in our lives has played total havok with our financial situation… Especially because we HAD terrible Insurance at that wonderful company…

*Closer to home… which.. when your finances suddenly get yucky & your health is yuckier, REALLY matters, because you are tired and WANT to go home to REST, lets face it NEED to get home to rest.. AND with Gas prices what they are, the commute was just soooo hard physically and financially…

So there you have it.. A VERY big way that LYME has altered Machine Mans World… He feels he just needs to DO this.. to be a great provider for us. God is really stretching him, and challenging Machine Man out of some comfort places. It is hard to watch him go through this, but I have this feeling… It really WILL be a good thing 🙂

Pray for him this week.. if ya think about it… New job, NEW people, NEW enviroment, NEW work… new new new.. and he is so stressed about it… Today, he is organizing all his tools, so they are JUST so… (cute!)

I LOVE THAT MAN! 🙂 When I just THINK about what he’s giving up to have MORE time with us, and provide us with BETTER health care… I could just.. KISS HIM!

gee.. I think I WILL!
~chow 4 now!

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Controversy Pt 2

With all the WHY questions.. Money naturally comes into the conversation.. Ultimately we need to ask the question, “Who profits…?”
Who does profit? Who has something to gain? Or… something to hide?

If you have read any of this blog, you know that I have already quoted medical books that acknowledge Lyme, and Chronic Lyme as a legitimate issues medically speaking.. Books from the early 1990’s… So … WHAT changed?

This clip is from the movie “Under our Skin” I would love to hear your thoughts, or insights…

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We get asked frequently WHY Lyme is controversial… THAT is a great question!  One that needs answering.. Here is ONE doctors thoughts on this topic.

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