Princess is herxing… or at least… WE are HOPING that is what is happening…. She is having some pretty uncomfortable symptoms.. Her vision is getting … well.. weird…

Tunnel Vision

Black spots

all while getting headaches… foggy hearing, AND feeling shaky..

so. JUST to be sure, and certain, that nothing else was happening with her health, ie.. ACTUAL problems with the health of her eyes, retina or any of THAT sort of thing.. I took her in to see a pediatric ophthalmologist today.

The appointment lasted 2 1/2 hours. The doctor was lovely. There were so many tests that they performed, it was very, VERY interesting.  The conclusion.  Wipe your brow in anticipation, I know I WAS…

~PHEW!  All is ok wither her eyes.. They are healthy, and she has 20/20 vision! Retina’s attatched and everything else JUST as it ought to be.. with a mild smudge in her vision that the doctor felt was.. well.. probably just fatigue.

So… what is going on???

I’ll be calling Dr. Zhang to see if this is a “herxheimers” reaction.. or part of the “healing crisis”… so often referred to in the alternative health industry.. If he seems even the least bit concerned that this might NOT be a herx.. than… we’ll be off to see a Pediatric Neurologist.. (ick)

So for those of you who ARE wondering… HOW the “no antibiotic” approach is going….


We ARE feeling so much improvement on the new protocol.  There is just such a long, long way to go.  Thankfully the road looks a much shorter one now that we are doing Zhangs protocol, focusing more on our diets…. it’s just that it is DIFFERENT from what we have known.. that NOT everyone else in the Lyme community is doing this.. so it’s not so easy to just throw out a question to a friend…

LIKE>.. is your eyes freaking out .. a herbal herx??? (giggle)  ah… the healing crisis…

Blessings to you, as you too seek out Healthy, HEALING paths.. May The GREAT Healer guide you and sustain you..

you are LOVED!

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Part II Traditional Chinese Medicine

hey !!! I told you, that I would share the “part II” that I had written about Traditional Chinese Medicine.. vs.. Western Meds.. Here it is!  Mind you, I did write this a WHOLE year ago.. so while the information is very accurate, I have learned some more.. (very exciting) And IF anyone is interested.. I might do Part II

.. remember.. commenting is fun.. i enjoy hearing from you!!!!!!!!!!! keep your notes, and comments of encouragement coming  🙂

HERE it is!! Tah daH 🙂

Western & Chinese… Part II

So … did you get all that Part I stuff?  I am still digesting it… 🙂  Truly.. Things don’t soak up in my mind the way they used to… This next part is going to be on Traditional Chinese Medicine…  I appreciate Dr. Zhangs Honesty, about What Traditional (TCM) Chinese Medicine is, and what exactly it is NOT… often times, doctors, or people in general, will forget to mention the failings of a practice….or perhaps they choose not to look at the, choosing not to see them… Western doctors do this ALL the time.. failing to see the blind spot of their own medical field…  I found this little article interesting, I hope you do too…

 Philosophical Differences Between Western and Chinese Medicine

(Part 2-Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is an empirical medicine and was developed in the old days in the absence of systemic scientific knowledge. Thus, it is a product of the accumulated clinical observations gathered over centuries of practice. Its development was inductive and looks at the human body’s behavior as a whole during the course of a disease. TCM defines a normal functioning person as having balance within him or herself and with the natural environment outside the body. In contrast, a diseased condition is a deviation from this balance and the role of medical treatment, according to TCM, is to restore the balanced state. Due to the subjective nature of TCM, it is a system that needs modernization before it can be applied effectively in modern healthcare.

From a systematic point of view, the TCM model is very much like a black box. The outputs (physical symptoms and signs) and inputs (pathogenic factors, herbs, diet, treatment) are observed without the details of what is happening inside the body system. Although the exact mechanisms are not presented, the black box method can be suitable for open, large, and complex systems like the human body. The inputs can be adjusted while the changes in the output can be observed with reliable results over time. These observations can then develop treatment inputs that bring the body back into balance. However, because TCM lacks detailed and concrete mechanisms, it is difficult to conduct meaningful scientific experimentation in the modern age. During diagnosis and treatment, decisions are completely individualized for each patient and the same protocol might not be repeatable for other patients. Thus, the effectiveness of TCM can heavily depend on the skill and experience of the practitioner and is not well suited for a generalized class of disease.

The Western standard of double blind, placebo controlled and randomized trials are not suited for the study of TCM. In TCM, the diagnosis of the status of health or disease in a patient is described by what is traditionally called Zhen (symptom-patterns.) The nature of Zhen is a summary of the pathogenesis of a particular person at a particular stage of a disease course. Zhen describes whether the symptoms are hot or cold, internal or external, excessive or deficient and summarizes them into patterns of Yin and Yang. Thus, Zhen is a summary of the functional status of the patient and not a description of anatomy and pathology. TCM treatment is based on using particular herbs to restore the lost balance diagnosed by the Zhen, an example being using a “cold” herb to balance a “hot” condition in the body. The vague and mystical nature of TCM makes formal experimentation and study difficult. From the modern microbiological point of view, Zhen does not differentiate between the etiological factor (the cause of the disease), which can make for inaccurate diagnosis since different diseases may show the similar types of Zhen or symptoms. Without a reliable way to determine the etiological factor, TCM treatment might not work well for the infectious diseases unless it is properly diagnosed.

The herbal formulas used in TCM treatment are also individualized and usually contain eight to twelve combinations of herbs. Each herb within the combinations can also have dozens of different active ingredients that may vary depending on the season, place of production and other factors. This makes it very hard to standardize the results of each batch and is another area that TCM needs modernization.

Despite its seemingly out-dated methods, the vast amount of accumulated information stored in TCM can provide useful applications for treating modern diseases such as Hepatitis C. The integration of TCM with modern methods is a key step towards better healthcare. The next article will discuss Modern Chinese Medicine and it’s development.

This information was taken from the Sinomed Research Institute, and is Dr Zhangs site… again, this is a doctor who treats Lyme and many other very serious diseases, who I am considering seeing…  

For more information Read his book, Lyme Disease and Modern Chinese Medicine
as I will be doing VERY shortly, (I am saving my pennies!) Dr. Zhangs book is available at:
Zhang Clinic (212) 573-9584
HepaPro Corporation (888) 788 4372
Also available at http://www.amazon.com/
and http://www.drweil.com/

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mine hurts.. it burps.. it is generally MAD at me. and I..

dare I say it.. I am scared of it.. really and truly..

I have had it totally FREAK out on me.. and I am terrified of it.. I am soaking aduki beans.. steaming rice

and will be cooking up green beans shortly…

I have had braggs apple cider vinegar mixed with raw honey and filtered water…

and am living on the edge of my seat..

I truly feel disgusting.. as I was sweating last night so horribly…

WHY? What has caused my Pancreas to become so enraged with me..

to many sugars, and to many rushed meals..

I NEED nourishing foods..and this weekend has been ON THE GO…

really a non stop go go go thing… and it was easier to grab …

yes.. a soda… than a filtered jug of water…

and now .. I am in distress…

and Chess Club is in a few short hours…

oi vey…

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Part 1 Modern Chinese Medicine

this is a Post I wrote on my other site… about 1 year ago… yes.. actually in january.. about my beginning to research and pray about WHICH way to go for treatment…  I thought I would share the two part posts here for those of you who are just beginning to learn about TCM vs MCM vs regular ABX treatment…

woah.. what’s TCM (Tradtional Chinese Medicine)

and… MCM (Modern Chinese Medicine)

and… ABX??? (Antibiotics)

ok 🙂  ok… here the post 🙂

Western & Chinese.. A bit of Philosophy…

I am trying to discern my “disease”… trying to learn about the different treatment options…
and this is a great place for me to put out there what I am learning…what I am digesting.
A place for me to present to you my “studies…” so, dearest readers, and friends… bear with me in this great adventure of mine…
I am like a soldier deciding on what weapons to best suit me to take into battle…
a warrior trying to find what armour will best FIT me…
and I want, I need to get it RIGHT…
we each only get ONE life to live..
ONE chance at living it and so…
I am researching
Eastern vs Western Medicine..
for you Bible Fat Heads…
the son’s of Shem vs the son’s of Japheth….
here is Part ONE

Philosophical Differences Between Western and Chinese Medicine

(Part 1– Western Medicine)

Western medicine is based on modern biomedical science and is an evidence-based medicine. Its methodology is fundamentally analytical and reductive. This method is very powerful in understanding the structure and function of the human body and disease-causing agents such as bacteria, fungi, protozoa, virus, etc. Anatomy, histology, cytology, ultra-structure, molecular biology, and sub-molecular biology have given us a clear and detailed view of the physical and chemical structure of the body. The recently disclosed gene-map has even revealed our fundamental genetic make-up. These advances in health care have improved the quality of human life tremendously and because of this success, modern western medicine has become the predominant medical system in the world. However, no system is flawless and able to solve every problem. In the case of chronic diseases, the methodology of Western medicine is not always accommodating for three main reasons.

First, because no two individuals are the same, ideal medication has to be individualized. Unified therapeutic strategy (one disease one treatment, such as IFN-based treatment for Hepatitis C) used in western medicine cannot meet this requirement. Because of the great variability that exists among individual patients, properly prescribed treatment is still a mixed bag of science and art. Recently developed pharmacogenetics is trying to deal with this problem, but this branch of modern western medicine is still in its infancy and the present “one size fits all” method will only yield partial efficacy.

Second, although the analytical approach is powerful, being linear is also the weakness of modern western medicine. Because the human body is an open, large, and complex system, it is impossible to understand it by analyzing its subsystems alone. The sum of the parts will not add up to the whole because of the complex interdependencies that exist. The linear analytical approach of modern western medicine is accustomed to using the reduction method to simplify complicated clinical situations. One of the examples is the treatment of chronic hepatitis C. For this complicated liver disease, western medicine’s linear equation is HCV +(infects) Body = Hepatitis C; Body – (eradication) HCV = Cure. Conventional western hepatitis C treatment strategy based on this type of linear method is solely focused the eradication of the virus and fails to address the numerous other changes that a patient experiences once he or she is infected. In the chronic stage, there may be many pathological damages present and if a patient cannot tolerate or respond to the conventional anti-viral treatments, he or she is left with few options but to wait for newer anti-viral treatments.

Third, in this simplified model, human body’s role in the disease pathogenesis has disappeared. In reality, viral infections consist of two sides, the invading virus and the body’s reactions to this invasion. In the conventional western medical model, the human body’s reactions and pathological changes are rarely taken into account. So, the treatment strategy for chronic diseases such as Hepatitis C rarely includes measures to help the restoration of the liver and other body functions. After 20 to 30 years of a HCV infection, the pathogenetic factors can have much more profound effects on the liver disease progression than the etiological factor (the virus). Unfortunately, conventional western medical treatment is still focused solely on the etiologic factor and does not address the other complications of chronic liver disease. So far, the clinical outcome of treating chronic viral hepatitis using a pure analytical methodology has not been satisfactory. During the recent hepatitis C consensus development conference held in Washington in June, 2002, experts expressed their belief that only about 30% of hepatitis C patients are eligible for the interferon-based anti-viral treatments due to the potential side-effects. Of these eligible patients, the estimated response rate is only around 50%, leaving the majority of patients without alternatives in the conventional treatment arena.

These three major deficiencies in western medicine are the main reasons Hepatitis C patients are turning to alternatives such as Chinese medicine. (Part 2 will explore Chinese medicine and its methodology.)

This information was taken from Dr Zhang’s Web site.  Dr. Zhange has written the book, Lyme Disease and Modern Chinese Medicine.  It is a book that I am saving all my pennies to buy… 🙂  The site says THIS “An alternative treatment strategy developed by Zhang Clinic has been published by Dr. Qingcai Zhang and Yale Zhang of SinoMed Research Institute.”

This is a comprehensive book on the cause and treatment of Lyme disease using modern Chinese medicine, which I have found to be a better option than Western medicine for this difficult infection. Lyme disease is becoming more frequent in many parts of the world, is frequently misdiagnosed, and often resists treatment with antibiotics alone. Here is a new and hopeful way of looking at the disease and its management.

Dr. Andrew Weil, Harvard Medical School graduate and a leading figure in the field of alternative medicines”

My new blogging pal  Diane over at Hope to Heal is just one of a few people I have come across who is really healing from Lyme, and doing it, in a way I feel like I DO understand, a way I am trying to understand better.  She is of the Western Price ilk, as I am… She is a “do-er” of Nourishing Traditions … as I have begun to be these last couple of years.. and her heart, is one which seems quite kindred…
Learning to heal naturally, is something I have been learning to do these last 20 years, but busy with marriage, and children and home education, I have not pursued the study as I had initially had planned… It seems that plate is before me once again..

Do I pass it for a bowl of pills?  Or do I pursue it, and learn the herbs, and study this book, and drive to NY? hmm lots to pray about.. until I feel certain, and until I can ACT upon anything I will continue upon the course that is set…

Consider this some study notes… 🙂  feel FREE to comment.. or add things you come across 🙂

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Wordpress… vs… Blogger

So … I still don’t have the “hang” of wordpress… yah.. I know .. very “looser” of me.. but.. to that I just respond.. in my VERY 1980’s Valley Girl tone.. a RESOUNDING…


and then I giggle.. because wasn’t THAT just silly…

I am in a rut.. I like this site.. it offers a LOT.. but I still manuever more simply and seemlessly in Blogger.. What is a girl to do.. Can I learn new tricks.. or am I like a dog?

I don’t know how to RSS.. or any of that… so.. patience, as I try to learn.. and if you have helpful hints, books your recommend I check out at my local library, that would be super!

thanks! 🙂

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Sometimes … one needs to repost.. because newer readers haven’t had the time to go back and read all those ancient and forgotten posts from so many many moons ago.. Here is one i think you will be so blessed with… Please enjoy!  And … as always… COMMENT!


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That beautiful red berry… The Cranberry….

One first thinks of it for Thanksgiving.. and silly us.. we often promptly let it simply slip right out of our minds.. We MAY consider it.. IF we have a kidney infection… a UTI, then we go to the store and buy some juice made from the berrys…

 but think of it..

It really is simply lovely… This deep blood red fruit…  Ready JUST before the winter sets in…

Reading Nourishing Traditions today, I was struck with what Sally Fallon shares in her book “The cranberry grows wild in marshy places in New England and as far south as North Carolina.  First called “fen berries” by the settlers, they were soon incorporated into their diets.  Eventually the name changed to “craneberry” or “cranberry” because of the slender stems of the fruit curve like the neck of a crane.  As early as 1860, medical science recognized the value of cranberries or their juice for the treatment of uriinary tract infections and other kidney problems.  Cranberries raise the level of acid in the urine and act as an antibiotic”

LOVE that.. I was also reading about the Onion.  Many of you may, or may NOT know that the Native Americans from the Great Lakes region (where I am from)  called the onion She-khe-ony, and it’s from this name, that some HOW??? they got the name Chicago… yah… I have never seen it.. but… THAT is ok, I am not a linguist. 

Onions are AWESOME!  I have some sensitivites to them (they make me sneeze, but I don’t care… really!)  According to Sally Fallon’s book ” Onions are valued for their distinct flavor, which enhances the flavors of other ingredients in any good dish; and they are particularly good marriage with bland starchy foods, such as legumes or potatoes.” Sounds to me like onions are everyone’s best friend… Are YOU an onion?  Do you have an onion in your life?  Some one who…, enhances everything you do, even your blandness??? or ARE you that person TO someone else?  I think ONIONS are cool, plus there is the old addage, that you just keep peeling back the layers of an onion, it’s like a lifetime.. and Onions make you weep… they are rich, passionate, deep, flavorful…. LOVE LOVE LOVE onions.. how about you???

Did you know Onions have things like, B complex Vitamins?  Even B6?  Or things like Carotenoids, and Vitamin C?  Did you realize that Onions have Calcium and Magnesium!  I thought that was amazing.. seing as we are supposed to get those two together anyways 🙂  I also read that Onions have potassium and sulfur compounds… Sally Fallon states that onions are “universally valued for their medicinal properties, which include improvement of kidneys function and antibacterial qualities.  According to some researchers, half a cup of raw onions per day is an excellent means of prtecting the blood from a tendency to coagulate and clot.  Onions also have been shown to lower elevated blood sugar levels in test animals.  Pasteur was the first t recognize that onions have strong antibacterial powers; onions are also helpful in breaking up mucus in the throat, lungs and nasal passages.  Finally recent research indicates that onions, with their concentrated sulphur compounds, can be useful in treating cancer in some people.  Onions also concentrate germanium when it is found in the soil.  Germanium acts as an oxygen transporter and has been useful in cancer therapy.  On the other hand, certain yogic diets prohibit the onion because it is said to ” increase body heat and the appetits.   This may be because the onion acts as a stimulant to the adrenal glands.  Those with weak adrenal glands should eat of the onion family sparingly as should individuals sensitive to sulphur containing foods.”

maybe my issue is with sulphur … or.. it’s been my weak adrenals.. either way.. I don’t go nuts but I do eat onions.. and LOVE them… There are foods to support adrenals and get them back into shape.. that will be another post..

But.. this post was really about the CRanBerry and .. a little friend.. because… I found a recipe!!!!!   Buddy can NOT have this as it is.. and neither can Baby… but here it is! Directly from the Nourishing Traditions cook book.. soon to be ALTERED by me because of allergies.. as always.. I am hoping for readers to make WISE suggestions…

we are casein free, so perhaps I could use ghee in this recipe instead of butter, or Earth’s balance (sf,cf,gf) and I need a smart substitution for the raisins.. This recipe sings to me.. Of my time in Massachusetts, marshy cranberry fields, it just sings of healing, and health and I want to taste it.. so.. dearest reader.. I am sharing it in the orignial.. and I am off to modify!  suggestions welcome!

Onion- Cranberry Compote

(makes 4- cups)

2/3 c yellow raisins

2/3 c dark raisins

1 1/2 c hot filtered water

2 lb small white onions peeled

4 T butter

3/4 c white wine vinegar

1 c dry white wine

3 cloves garlic (peeled & minced)

1/2 t dry thyme

1 t sea salt

1 2/3 c fresh cranberries

Soak raisins in water for 10 minutes.  In lg. saucepan, saute onion in butter till well coated.  Add wine and vinegar and boil down for several minutes.  Add raisins and soaking liquid with remaining ingredients eXcept cranberries.  Liquid should JUST cover the onions.  If not, add a little water.  Simmer, covered for 1 hr, stirring occassionally (is it me, or does this seem excessive???)  Remove cover add cranberries and simmer uncovered for 15-30 minutes until liquid has thickened.  Let cool.  May be made up to 3 days in advance.  Store in refrigerator.  Serve at room temperature.

hmm sounds yummy.. healing.. wholesome..

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whispering birdies.

news travels fast… and no news travels faster than bad news…

sad to say…

for those of us who don’t know Jesus… it’s called “gossip”

for those of us who DO.. it being called to “pray”…

and honestly.. sometimes.. it really IS just sharing… let’s BE fair…

I HAVE lyme disease.. It IS only natural.. that people who HAVE lyme disease want to tell me they have it… and people who KNOW Of someone who has lyme disease just naturally want to TELL me.  They imagine, perhaps.. that I may have a nugget of wisdom to share, some.. pearl of hope… some secret something… or MAYBE… they are JUST so thankful NOT to be so.. or FEEL so very alone..

This has been a hard LONG journey for me… hard to see my family diagnosed.. one by one.. hard to see friends diagnosed one by one.. some who honestly may NEVER have gotten tested had we not had frank discussions about the struggles our family was going through…

In the past month I have learned a dear new friend has lyme disease.. I am hopeful, because she doesn’t manifest many symptoms… Another new friend shared her dear neighbor is doing very badly, and it sounds like that is putting it MORE than graciously… and she was just diagnosed with Lyme Disease…

And then today.. a lovely homeschooling mother… the mother of one of my son’s friends, announced that too, that her many struggles, some of which had taken her all the way to the Mayo clinic.. were finally.. (not at Mayo… PLEASE people… ) diagnosed… as lyme disease…

I have had so many dear friends… diagnosed just this year…, and I feel a little sad…

because… I want .. I wish… I dream for the birdies to whisper sweet things.. like.. spring is near.. healing, is on the way.. hope springs eternal.. “cheer up, cheer up, cheer up!”

you are loved

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i saw my heart doctor today..

he said my issues are really benign.. THIS is meant to cheer me to my very core..  🙂

it does.. but.. then again.. it doesn’t..

I am sooooo thankful I don’t have, heart block, heart disease, heart… ick…whatever would NOT be benign.. 🙂

but.. I still don’t like what I do have…

POTS, and that other one.. opps. why do I always forget what it is….

hmm, anyways.. I want you all to know, I LIKE my heart doctor. He is thoughtful, interested in Lyme, and was genuinely excited about Dr. Zhang.  He thinks herbal protocols could be a huge wave in the future, and are definately worth looking into..

HE is lovely..

so there… i have this immune issue.. that causes all these issues.. but they are all .. a pain in the tushy.. and totally BENIGN!

there ya have it!  ~phew … as long as it’s nothing .. you know… SERIOUS

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back to more nourishing paths….

Ancient traditions… nourishing pathways… healing arts.. healthful cookery

In the years of my struggle with the “mystery illness” that turned OUT to BE Lyme disease.. I found.. or RE discovered these ways.. Ways of my people… When I began to test these recipes with my family.. many of them seemed familiar.. and many of them were because they were recipes very much like my mothers.. ONLY I was unable to read them to compare, for I do not read the German language of my mothers recipe book very well… ok.. not at all…

With the diagnoses… I was put on THIS diet.. and THAT diet.. and now.. I am choosing to go Back…

back to the more nourishing paths…

two nights ago.. I roasted a lovely chicken… and made a light gravy from the roasted onion, and garlic sitting in the pan beneath it steeping in the broth and herbs I had placed there to keep the pan moist and aromatic, so my Chicken would be fall off the bone perfection and not dry AT all… and.. it was…

I made homemade mashed potatoes.. but now.. they were made casein free, with Earth’s balance Soy Free, Casein Free, Gluten free buttery Spread and Almond Milk, a hint of Nutmeg and some Sea Salt.. they were wonderful!

We also had GF muffins (the Princess got in the deal!)  A salad too… Some steamed Veggies

and I made a wonderful Chicken broth, made with red pepper flakes, coconut milk, and green onions.. this was our appetizer.. it is perfect on a cold cold day, or when you feel your chest a bit tight… really lovely… (where’s the pictures right… opps .. sorry.. NEXT time!)

The meal was HUGE, and wonderful… But it HAS to be.. there are 6 people eating, and I wanted to only serve 1 Chicken.. where we used to consume 2.  I wanted it to be healthful, and casein free, and full of herbs, and spices, and aroma… and guess what…


We even had JUST enough left over (shocking isn’t it?) for hubby to have lunch at work the next day !  AND (yes… i know!!!) for Princess to get some chicken off that bone, to put in a container to have for her Caesar salad! 🙂

AND… (I KNOW!!!! ) We are taking the Chicken carcass, 2 onions, some carrots, celery, parsley, peppercorn and making a chicken stock today!

impressive isn’t it?

“Why is Chicken soup superior to all the things we have, even more relaing thatn “Tylenonl”?  It is because chicken soup has a natural inredient which feeds repairs and calms the mucous lining in the small intestine.  this inner lining is the beginning or ending of the nervous system.  It is easily pulled away from the intestine through too many laxatives, too many food additives… and parasites.  Chicken soup… heals the nerves, improves digestion, reduces allergies, relaxes and gives strength.  Hanna Kroeger Ageless Remedies from Mothers Kitchen” – Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon

there is even a south american proverb

“Good broth Resurrects the dead”

hmmm… if we lymies are the walking dead.. IF YOU.. ever just FEEL like the walking dead..
HERE is a recipe for you!

1 whole free range chicken (even the inner parts, and the bones – yes gizzards)

feet from chicken (if you are lucky enough to get them!)

4 quarts or so of filtered H2O

2 T Vinegar (I use Raw Apple Cider Vinegar.. Always for .. everything that goes IN me)

1-2 Onions chopped.. (don’t get fancy)

1-2 carrots peeled or scrubbed good, and chopped (not fancy)

3 stalk celer (minimum)

parsely… (at LEAST the parsley STEMS-3-6)

2 pepper corns (optional.. it’s ok if you are allergic to omit this but you will strain it. so it’s really more about flavor)

4-8 cloves garlic (more if you would like)

If you have already used the chicken just save the remainder in a container for when you want to make the stock.. I have even frozen the carcass.. Some meat on helps the flavor of the stock…

If you are using a WHOLE chicken (you may want to cut off wings and neck and get the gizzards out of the cavity)… If you are lucky enough to find a chicken with head or feet KEEP these on!  Cut chicken into pieces.  Farm raised, Free ranged will usually produce the MOST gelatin for you!

Place Chicken in LARGE stainless steal pot with water vinigar and all veggies (not parsley).  Let stand about 30 minutes.  Bring to boil and remove scum that rises to the top.  Reduce heat, cover and simmer 6 – 24 hours

The LONGER you cook the richer and more flavorful it will be.  Let parsley cook last 10-15 minutes or so…NOW it is time to strain!!! I like to save all my meat if I have used a whole chicken 🙂 pulling meat out and use for salads or enchiladas and other recipes.. Stain all the veggies out, and then I cool my stock, and put int my refrigerator.  After a few hours.. or the next day, there is a whole LAYER of icky fat on top!  I just skim it off, and then take the rest of the stock and put it into containers and freeze it!

well all but a little.. I always keep a little to put BACK on my stove to heat up and drink… 🙂  One nice thing is.. I DO buy Kirkland Organic Broth, & Pacific… BUT.. THIS tastes so much better.. THIS takes more work, THIS takes more time.. THAT fills in the blank spaces.. It’s sort of my back up.. THIS is my substance..

I hope YOU enjoy.. some more NOURISHING paths too..

Here’s to healing together… One day at a time

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