our favorites!  What books, links and blogs do we love??? coming soon…  This is Dr. Z’s site!  Dr. Weil is pretty darn wonderful. Even my new GP likes him!   LOVE the research that Dr. Weston Price did, and that the foundation continues to do.. We have been so blessed by it, and our table is simply wonderful because of it!  This is one of my FAVORITE nutition books as well as cook books.. HOWEVER please note.. NEITHER one of the authors IS a chef.. you will find mistakes.. and PRE- Gluten Free life.. we NEVER ever got their version of Sour Dough to work.. I found others that did.. but not this one.. and.. no one I know ever got it to work.. but… IF you need some hockeypucks IN a jiffy.. THAT is the recipe FOR you.. otherwise it is, IN my humble opinion, THE most important “cook” book in my kitchen.  NOT my most important baking book.. because.. we are now.. gluten free.. but.. by far, we LOVE this book.. it is a way of living, really LIVING!  THIS is one of our favorite blogs.. it has taken our FEAR of living life (emphasis on LIVING) gluten free away.. I found it BELIEVE IT or not… after much prayer.. and have been so blessed by the delightful recipes of Shauna and her Chef husband Danny!  Princess Adores this blog, it is a favorite fun thing to do, just snuggle on the couch and see what they are cooking!  A family we’d love to meet and eat with!  Because we lived in France.. because they make the most delightful pastries and yummy petite things.. Princess despaired going gluten free!  She grieved.. it was bad enough to suffer Lyme disease.. but THIS!  So.. I went to the Lord in prayer, and found THIS wonderful site the same day, I found Gluten Free Girl & the Chef.. CHECK out Helen Dujardin’s FANTASTIC site!  a wonder, a blessing.. and INSPIRATION!

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