For Sale

yes.. For sale.. Lyme costs LOTS of money.. and we have lots of neat things.. things we don’t really need.  Some things we even forgot we had!  So we are SELLING our house (r u interested??? it’s nice!) and some other neat things…

like LP’s… yes record albums… what kind you might wonder..well… we had these long before we met Jesus, so these aren’t the nice Christian sort of albums, they’re a bit more hard rock..

and maybe YOU like that sort of music.. we’ll be posting those here

We also have some pretty cool other things     🙂

soon to be posted here…   BE sure to check back

so consider this our personal “Yard Sale” page 🙂   paypal to be placed soon, IF I can figure that out ! 🙂

I realize THIS page is taking some time… sorry… I am very FOGGY in this area, but HAVE been recruiting some HELP!!!!!!!!!!! and so hopefully things HERE will be up and running super soon! 🙂

2 Responses to For Sale

  1. Tiney Lymey says:

    You are so brave and determined, when we had to give up our home, before I was even properly diagnosed, still chasing symptoms sans Healthcare insurance…I gave up o the whole idea of a yard sale, and just put a free sign out on the lawn, and kept toting stuff out there, much to the delight of every passer by…
    I wish I had put out a ‘Donations Accepted’ jar.
    But, God is good and continues to provide.
    And now, in our half size home, we have a managable amount of stuff… (I can see I spelled that wrong, but I cannot for the life of me think of the correct way… and I have to get back to life).

    • sweetnika says:

      i have so many ideas.. but i confess, they don’t ALL come to fruition… and you are right, God IS good… and you.. are so very. VERY brave.. thank you for encouraging me as we plod thru this

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